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What DJ , whether in a club , on the radio or simply at home has never come up against problems when trying to mix or store his or her tunes ?

Those of us in the club and radio scene often have to make do as best we can in difficult circumstances when it comes to classifying and mixing from our set-lists.

That's why DJ Thibaut, in the scene for six years , and Claude B have developped

Easy-Mix !

A made-to-measure software package which answers all the needs of proffessionals and Sunday-afternoon scratchers alike !

Afterall, everyone knows the Disappearing Disc Syndrome : that tune you absolutely positively must have NOW is not in its place , nor anywhere else for that matter !!

Who you gonna call ? Well, Easy-Mix ! deals with this and similar problems and is the first package for PC aimed at anyone who wants to improve the quality of their sets without compromising the immortal role of the DJ !

With Easy-Mix !, a DJ who has CD or vinyl decks which display PITCH* variation can also :

mix two records in less than twenty seconds without needing headphones;

mix three, four or, if the fancy takes you even six tunes simultaneously !

(* Tests carried out on decks with LCD pitch-display. )

To Listen to a mix on   6 decks Click Here

If you do not hear the Tune: Download Real Player

using a sophisticated printed-labelling system, Easy-Mix ! is, then, a no-nonsense means of getting your musical back-up in order. It will allow you to arrange your tunes in whichever way suits you : according to B.P.M, style, artist etc...

Technical Details :

  • works on WINDOWS 95-98 or NT with 16MO RAM and 10MO of free hard-disk
  • B.P.M.-calculation and pitch-variation functions
  • Classification of titles in several categories
  • Allows play-list to include information on pitch , pitch-duration , the decks …
  • Real-time Chronometer used in conjunction with play-list
  • Print-outs of lists , labels etc.
  • Fully customizable.



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Fax.: +33 4-76-54-07-24

Mobil.: +33 6-88-17-74-74

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